Neeti Solutions team along with 2 children attended the recently concluded COP-15 conference at Copenhagen, Denmark as UN Delegates. The 4 member delegation was sponsored by Neeti Solutions and Guardian Travels. The idea behind this was to provide exposure of such events to these students so that they may derive knowledge through this and use it as future stakeholders and shape themselves as leaders of tomorrow.

The “Young Changemakers – Pune Conference” is an innovative attempt to set this right. It will provide an opportunity to children explore their surroundings and analyze topical issues related to climate change and disaster. It will help evolve a common platform amongst the schools to work towards providing effective and meaningful recommendations on these topics of concern. The motto is ‘One School, One Solution’. Thus, the children shall be true ‘Change Makers’ by providing recommendations (and commitment) to work on in three dimensions: the Self, the School and the Community.

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