We believe in Design with Emotions

We really care about user experience in the sense of Spacing Color schemes, Placement of Elements, Typography Hierarchy, Images Selections and many more to make it feel awesome.

You need to pay attention to all the aspects of the USER EXPERIENCE  if you want to deliver successful products to market.

Apart from USABILITY we work on 7 factors

  • Useful – Provide a purpose for its target audience
  • Usable – Enable users to effectively & efficiently achieve their end objectives.
  • Find able – If you are working with information products, finding the content should be very easy. For Example, Music and video streaming services with millions of files are extreme examples of the importance of deciding the find ability. If Netflix users can’t find something that they are in mood of Friday night, it doesn’t matter how much great content is hidden beneath the surface, they will stop using the service.
  • Credible – Ability to trust in the product. It’s nearly impossible  to deliver a good UX if the user thinks the product creator is lenient about User Experience.
  • Desirable – Conveyed through branding, image, identity, aesthetics and emotional design.
  • Accessible – Provides a UX which can be accessed by users of a full range of abilities. Doing UX design for accessibility means that you use colors which color-blind people can see, the text which is readable even by the people has low or impaired visibility and so on. 
  • Valuable – Deliver values to the business and to the customer.