About Us

Since 2009, Vertical Software has been creating and delivering quality solutions. Vertical Software helps businesses automate their complex business processes into simplified software applications. Whether you need; end to end Stock Management Services, Billing Solutions, Document management or Business Process Automation; Vertical Software Solutions can tailor a solution to meet your individual business needs.

Vertical Software School clients are benefitted with e-School Managment application which helps them keep a track of employee’s attendance and wages and very simplest way to manage other activity’s. Vertical Software Stock Managment clients has benefitted with SMS the simplest way of maintaining Matarial Inventry and generate varius reports.

Our Vision

Vertical Software vision is to enable companies to increase their business value through the use of IT technologies. To be a company providing innovative solutions and services that automate, simplify and speed up day-to-day business processes for organizations in various fields, increasing productivity.

Why choose VERTICAL

Because we care! We respect your career aspirations, your inquisitiveness, your creative instincts, and help you write your success stories.

We understand every individual is different – that is why we nurture an ecosystem where every one of our employees is a superstar. Come on-board to be a part of the workforce of tomorrow.

A world of innovation, learning, growth and equal opportunities

Positive work environment to expand your skills

Exciting opportunities that will challenge your abilities

An atmosphere that encourages both professional and personal growth

Allows you to explore your passion and reward your contributions

Enables you to deliver value and stay continually ahead