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Daily Sales Report

DashBoard we can get all information just like stock.
1) Stock tab in this tab have, today stock Added and Add matrial total stock matrial availeble,
2) Generate Order who is given dealar Order, Dispatch Order after order sended matrial to dealer than showing Today how many oder Dispatched
3) Pending order means order are not Dispatch
4) Recieved Payment is showing today which Dealers payment Recieved
5) Payment Detaild in this have search box, using search box we can all about who search dealers Payment pendind all payment Regards
6) Remaining Jar today recieved return
7) return jar have search box which can look up using order Id return Jar dealer how many jars have pending
* Add Dealers --- Registration of New Dealer all Details and which area working on
*) Sales --

Advantages of Daily Sales Report:
  • This process can be used in corporate world.
  • It can be used by the user residing in different locations.
  • Being web-based application can be used from any where.
  • It is reliable and provides accurate results
  • Generating various types of Reports.